Feature Friday: tARTbyTARA

Jun 15th 2023

Feature Friday: tARTbyTARA

Epoxy resin artist tARTbyTARA and her set up.    Yin Yang Nazar decorative piece from Feature Friday artist tARTbyTARA

Who is tARTbyTARA?

Today’s Feature Friday artist understands the success and fulfillment that comes from knowing herself, her limitations, and her inspiration. Tara Hardy is a resin artist and ProMarine Supplies’ Ambassador who runs her own shop of colorful metaphysical magic epoxy creations. Her pieces will be featured throughout this article.

From the humble beginnings of a three-foot by four-foot space in her apartment, Tara has worked diligently at her craft and now dedicates an entire work room to her setup and creations. When she first started, she was a fluid artist who eventually used resin to glaze her artwork. Still a painter at heart, Tara hopes to take her love of both mediums to new heights by creating a “huge painting with a soft epoxy shimmer coating.”

Mermaid Moons epoxy resin decorations by Feature Friday artist tARTbyTARA.

What Inspires You?

We believe inspiration plays a key part in creation. When asked what inspires her, Tara replied, “Many things inspire me! Being surrounded by artists that make beautiful and incredible pieces always fuels me. Nature and spirituality play a huge part in my creativity and the pieces that we make.”

She also states that morning is her favorite time of the day to do creative work since she gets many of her ideas from her dreams.

 Sparkling resin succulent statues in multiple colors with the pink one closest to camera.

What Products Do You Use?

An avid user of ProMarine Supplies’ products, Tara states that she employs both our Table Top Epoxy and ProArt epoxy resin. She explains that each formula is helpful for different aspects of her work: “The table top is perfect for my shallow pours and glazing. The art resin is by far my favorite epoxy I’ve ever used. The fact that it stirs so easily has been a game changer for me. It has low bubbling and come out so clean.”

Colorful resin cloud charms with black crystal and crystal rainbow makers hanging from them.

How Do You Overcome a Creative Block?

One of the many challenges that all artists must overcome is the dreaded creative block. We asked Tara how she contends with a creator’s greatest enemy:

“Creative blocks can be a difficult thing to overcome but we all experience it! It shouldn’t be expected to be creative 24/7 all the time. One of the best tricks for me is to put down whatever project I’m stuck on and try doing something totally different. Even if it’s a small, unrelated project. Sometimes it’s more of a spiritual block, so meditation, resting and grounding myself is how I get back into my creative headspace.”

Resin and crystal spoons in purples and teals by Feature Friday artist tARTbyTARA.

Is There Any Advice You Have?

To aspiring artists, she emphasizes the importance of self-understanding and self-kindness:

“My best piece of advice for other artists is to not compare yourself to others. It’s something we all have struggled with at one time or another. But focusing on others takes from the well-deserved, time and energy you can be spending on yourself. Be gentle with your thoughts and know that failing is part of the process. You can’t learn and grow without messing up along the way.”

If you are inspired by Tara’s story, use the code tArt15 at checkout to get 15% off of ProMarine resin products and get started on your masterpieces today. To see Tara’s work, visit her store at https://tartbytara.com/.

Happy crafting!