Feature Friday: Jen Lashua

Jun 15th 2023

Feature Friday: Jen Lashua

Resin shell jewelry tray by @jenlashuaart on Instagram for Feature Friday.

Who is @Jenlashuaart?

Today’s ambassador is not just achieving her ambitions, she’s taking steps beyond them to reach for higher aspirations. Jen Lashua is a self-taught artist and certified color-aroma therapist that started her journey for those big dreams and beyond in 2017. Initially, she approached epoxy resin as a medium to “bring more vibrancy into my acrylic poured pieces.” However, only later that year did she decide that it was the art form for her.

Although she specializes in acrylic pours, Jen likes to work with a variety of techniques and likes to incorporate color therapeutics into her modern fluid style. 

Blue resin coasters with gold trim by @jenlashuaart on Instagram.

Where and What Do You Create?

Surrounded by natural light and the verdant beauty of Vermont’s forest and mountains, Jen creates everything from resin pours on American birch wood to floral pieces cast from flowers and ferns in her own yard—which she admits is one of her favorite things to make. She also provides the opportunity to turn her artwork into memorabilia for customers of her Sacred Heart Commemorative Collection.

For her unique works, we asked about her process, her future ambitions, and for any essential advice she had to offer to fellow creators.

Sacred Heart Commemorative resin heart with paw print and necklace by @jenlashuaart on Instagram.

What Products Work Best for You?

Jen often turns to ProMarine Supplies’ Pro Art formula for help in accomplishing her goals, though she’s dabbled with our Table Top Epoxy as well. For both her birch wood pieces and simple castings, she appreciates the epoxy’s versatility. Pro Art also provides a sturdy glossy coat with added UV-resistance!

Close up of a floral resin napkin ring by @jenlashuaart on Instagram for ProMarine Supplies' Feature Friday.

What is Your Dream Project?

When it comes to her dreams, Jen is taking one step after another to accomplish them. In fact, she states: “I used to think my dream project would be a large commission piece, but I did accomplish that back a few years ago, creating the largest three-panel piece. It was a three-panel ocean piece, [where] each panel was 25x30! It was literally the size of a couch!”

Her goals nowadays are still ambitious, but in a completely different way. She admits, “Now my dream project is more focused on my line of resin home decor products and getting more wholesale accounts/stores across the country.”

Resin seashells by @jenlashuaart sitting on a sandy beach.

What Advice Do You Have?

We asked Jen what she thought would be great advice for aspiring artisans and she had this to say: “Be patient, learn from others, ask questions. Know that you will learn and grow from each mistake. Most importantly, have fun and [don’t] get caught up in what others think. Make things that bring you joy and you’ll be surprised how things fall into place.” She’s also a proponent of seizing the opportunity to create when you can amid a busy life.

If you have artistic dreams of your own you’re looking to achieve, let us help! You can use Jen’s one-time code JenLashua15 at checkout to get 15% off of your next order of ProMarine Supplies products. To see more of Jen’s work, you can visit https://www.jenlashua.com/.

Happy crafting, everyone, and never stop dreaming!