Everyday Epoxy – Making Our Lives Easier

Jun 15th 2023

Everyday Epoxy – Making Our Lives Easier

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin is All Around You for Creation & Repair…

While doing something as mundane as bringing in the recycling bins; it occurred to me that so many things are made of plastics in general – and resins in particular. We’ve highlighted so many uses for epoxy resin in our weekly blogs – that we thought we’d take a look at things that we all encounter in our daily lives that are made possible due to the magic of this amazing polymer…

Epoxy resin may be used to create and repair a host of everyday items around our homes and offices – many that might not have occurred to you. For instance, doityourself.com in a column titled, ‘4 Best Applications for Epoxy Resin,” highlights epoxy resin as “a type of glue that is fast-acting and bonds to nearly any surface” and for repairs, “is also nearly impossible to remove so once you use it you can be certain it will not come apart.”

Epoxy Resin Applications include:

  • Craft Projects: rather than using standard adhesives such as white glue which hasn’t changed in decades, advanced epoxy resin features superior bonding capabilities and fast-drying times – “The sky is the limit as to what you can use epoxy resin for when crafting.”
  • Household Repairs – for everything from broken ceramics to cracked glass, or any other household mishap – epoxy resin should be your go-to tool to repair household items due to its strong and durable bond
  • Repairing Fiberglass – the use of fiberglass is growing (think about boats for instance – they were once mostly made of wood), epoxy resin combined with fiberglass creates an even stronger yet lighter weight composite
  • Protective Coatings - “One of the most common products that epoxy resin can be found in is polyurethane. It is what gives the product its adhesive properties. Several coats of polyurethane on a surface will protect it indefinitely.”

Other applications where ‘everyday epoxy’ can be found include flooring to provide a durable protective surface, tile and grout installation where epoxy resin is used to adhere materials to substrates and form a watertight seal, paints – especially those used in industrial applications to protect against the environment and plumbing where leak-proof sealants are required.

So, as you can see, not only is epoxy resin all around us in our everyday lives; but its properties make it an ideal and handy tool for so many uses: to explore our creativity - build and maintain our DIY projects - and to help repair life’s little mishaps. That’s ‘Everyday Epoxy.’