Epoxy Resin Vases

Jun 15th 2023

Epoxy Resin Vases

Epoxy Resin Vases

Add Accents to Existing Vases – or Craft One from Scratch…

My wife, like many people, loves to receive flowers. Seems like most people who have received floral arrangements have kept the generic vases they’ve collected from various florists over the years. Businesses too, seem to collect these as I remember trying to reach a coffee cup at a new job once and having to work my way around the firm’s collection of stashed vases.

This is good news for epoxy resin crafters however, as these vases make a great “canvas” for resin artistry! Other glass items such as pitchers like in the image above, also make great foundations for epoxy resin designs. Another option is to use a mold and cast the entire vase out of resin in the shape, size and color of your choice – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination…

My wife (there’s that woman again) discovered another interesting way to create a freeform vase customized with a personal ‘fluid-pour’ design. She attended a class with her mother where they both designed their own vase out a sheet of epoxy resin. The gist of the process is:

  • a circle of glue-gun adhesive is laid upon a non-stick sheet the desired size of the vase – once dried this becomes the reservoir for the epoxy resin
  • flip over the sheet, mix epoxy resin and whatever pigments desired and pour into reservoir glue side down
  • cure ~5 hours and while the mixture is still tacky carefully lift and fold around an object of desired shape of vase (can, bottle, etc.) – non-stick sheet side to object
  • let cure ~7 hours more – remove from object – and viola an epoxy resin vase!

The giving and displaying of fresh flower arrangements as part of social customs and decorative aesthetics goes back hundreds of years. Flowers have symbolized times and events of celebration such as anniversaries and birthdays; and contemplation including expressions of get well and sympathy. Certain varieties of flowers have come to have their own meaning as well over the years; for instance, as red roses are given to express love.

While a relatively recent arrival to this venue, epoxy resin may be artistically applied to the age-old ritual of flower presentation; adding an innovative and decorative twist to the vases, pitchers and other vessels used to captivating effect for these displays.