Epoxy Resin Time

Jun 15th 2023

Epoxy Resin Time

Epoxy Resin Clock

Keeping Time with an Epoxy Resin Clock…

Time flies. Third time’s a charm. Better late than never. Make up for lost time. Time is money. Waste of time. It’s crunch time. Time is of the essence. It’s high time (to do whatever…). Beat the clock. At the eleventh hour. In the nick of time. In the long run…

There are so many expressions about the subject and passing of time. It has become a bit of an obsessive focal point with human beings as we try to squeeze out as much as we can in every month, week, day and hour. So, in order to offset this ever-burgeoning effect time has on us – why not have some fun with the timepieces we use to track its passage as well as the time used to indulge in an enjoyable project?

The clock pictured above is an epoxy resin project that was created by our own video artists for a production to be posted online soon on our Videos Page. It’s very simple to make with a base coat of white resin with black resin highlights applied to give it a marbled look. The slight smearing effect of the black lines is created by spinning the piece before the resin cures.

You can personalize your clock with not only your choice of colored resins; but also, by using any number of items to represent the places where numerals usually reside on the clock face - Including, of course, actual numbers. We’ve seen crafters make their own resin buttons by using silicon molds, or by tinting and decorating existing buttons, small knobs and other items for a unique and captivating look.

And while the clock above is a resin-coated piece of circular wood, many artisans choose to create their entire clock out of epoxy resin – molding the base as well. Some crafters want to highlight the look of the wood they’ve selected for their timepiece, so they use clear (non-tinted) epoxy resin to coat, seal and protect their clock.

Other possibilities include adding some visual intrigue with colored textured highlights, glitter or another source of ephemera or memorabilia - such as seashells from a treasured vacation. The choices are numerous – depending upon your creativity and the decorative (and useful) accent you’re trying to achieve. So happy resining – and “spend your time wisely!”