Epoxy Resin the Home Performance Polymer

Jun 15th 2023

Epoxy Resin the Home Performance Polymer

Epoxy Resin Performance Polymer

Home May be Where the Heart is, but it’s Tools like Epoxy Resin that Keep it Running Smoothly

We all love to indulge in our hobbies - working with our hands - crafting and creating fun and useful items for ourselves and others. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet and perform some repairs and maintenance around the ole homestead. The good news for epoxy resin craftspeople is that the polymer is a great tool for both!

When I first started working with ProMarine, I had some experience with epoxy resin, but I had no idea just how versatile this material is and how many applications may be addressed! We’ve discovered such a wide variety of household repairs and maintenance tasks that may be accomplished using epoxy resin…

In the Bath and Kitchen – As epoxy resin performs as a combination of bonding agent, filler and sealant; it makes the perfect solution for many uses in kitchens and bathrooms to help keep moisture from becoming an issue. Sealing around kitchen and bath sinks, countertops and backsplashes before or after installation - along with their edges and pipe access cutouts - helps ensure that moisture doesn’t go where it shouldn’t such as into walls, floors and cabinetry. Drywall and cabinets in high moisture areas may also be coated and sealed with epoxy resin for added protection from water intrusion.

Interior/Exterior Woodwork – Rotted or otherwise damaged wood may be repaired or even replaced with epoxy resin. Outdoor wood posts for instance, that have suffered from the elements may be excavated, removing the rotted wood, which may then be replaced with epoxy. Once fully cured, the resin may be sanded and painted just like new. Wooden door and window frames may also be repaired and reinforced using the same technique.

General Repair/Structural Reinforcement – Everything from furniture to structural beams and assorted bolts and fasteners may be bonded and reinforced with epoxy resin. Loose furniture joints, tiles and floorboards are a thing of the past when epoxy resin is applied. Doorjambs, gate latches and hinges and other hardware that loosens over time may be securely fastened with just a bit of this polymer. Since epoxy resin adheres to so many materials, it may also be used to bond bricks, stones, concrete as well as to repair plaster and wall board.

I know from my own efforts that keeping one’s home in good condition is an ongoing task. Having the right tools for the job goes a long way towards helping make a house - a home!