Epoxy Resin Retail – How Epoxy Pros Get It Done!

Jun 15th 2023

Epoxy Resin Retail – How Epoxy Pros Get It Done!

Epoxy Resin Retail – How Epoxy Pros Get It Done!

Turning a Hobby into a Viable Business

It’s amazing how many of our Epoxy Pros turn what begins as a creative pastime into a viable business. Epoxy resin hobbyists bring their artistic talents to bear, designing and building myriad objects, and often encouraged by friends and family; start producing these same crafts into unique items for sale. Some sell their wares online, while others, via brick-and-mortar shops. Either way, they’ve turned their passions into items that the rest of us can purchase for home décor or interesting tchotchkes to display.

There are several options to consider for online ecommerce – Amazon, Etsy and eBay among some of the obvious and sites with large audiences – so therefore offering a built-in base of prospects. You can easily place your offerings on these existing websites or start a website of your own using tools such as Shopify, Wix, Weebly and others to help with your marketing and sales tracking. For comparison purposes, a chart of such sites may be found HERE.

We’ve highlighted several of our epoxy resin customers (aka Epoxy Pros) in Success Stories, featuring their artistic inspirations. They market and sell their wares in a variety of ways – providing one-of-a-kind creations to a wide audience of satisfied customers. And most of them will also create custom pieces to customer specifications – to best fit aesthetic tastes or functional parameters.

Epoxy Resin for Epoxy Pros...

Take ProVision Handicrafts for instance, where Barbara and Tony Suarez make “one of a kind hand-crafted treasures” out of wood and epoxy. They exhibit their offerings via a Facebook listing, as well as through craft shows, open-air markets and other events. Their North Carolina-based business features artful offerings such as epoxy resin tables and wall hangings.

Another epoxy resin specialist, 1728 Designs, creates and builds custom-made furnishings out of “live edge” wood and epoxy resin. Owner Tye Haslip, with help from fiancée Michelle, manufacture original furnishings specializing in river tables, bar tops, desks, shelving and home décor. Tye’s innovative approach and craftsmanship receive high marks from his customers.

Larry Anderson of Artistic Illusions has been using epoxy resin recently to create unique artistic expressions – a trade that he has indulged in for over three decades. Based in Southwest Florida, Larry is an artist that likes to “break from the norm” with his creations – adding unusual items into his art – such as sea coral, rustic debris and broken pieces of concrete – all combined with epoxy resin of course! Larry offers a variety of wares including coffee tables, custom sinks and counter tops and wall art via a number of outlets like Instagram, Facebook and his own website.

So, if your epoxy resin hobby starts to gain the attention, and appreciation, of a growing audience – maybe you too should consider the evolution of that pastime into your own epoxy resin business!

If so, Best Wishes in Your New Endeavor from ProMarine Supplies!