Epoxy Resin Eyeglass Cases – The Eyes Have it!

Jun 15th 2023

Epoxy Resin Eyeglass Cases – The Eyes Have it!

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Metal Glasses Case awaiting Epoxy Resin Inspiration

Creating Unique Glasses Cases in your Own Vision

If you’re like so many people, you need corrective lenses – at least part of the time. And how often have you lost or damaged your glasses inadvertently? (And just where do those pairs of sunglasses disappear to anyway?!) Keeping expensive eyewear safe and at-hand is a good idea – and think of the potential savings by doing so…

One of the many “cool” things about epoxy resin crafts is how many items may be personalized to reflect individual styles. Customizing eyeglass cases into personal fashion statements gives these accessories a more elevated status - hopefully one where they’re used often to protect valuable eyewear and keep them in a safe place - one where they can be found!

(Please note that hard-shell glasses cases made of wood, metal or hard plastic should be used for epoxy resin projects – and may be obtained online on a variety of sites.)

Similar to the process of customizing a phone case (see the video HERE); one-of-a-kind eyeglass cases may be decorated in virtually unlimited artistic designs. And aside from the aesthetic benefit, the case will also be reinforced through the addition of the epoxy resin itself. So rather than settling on (and paying for) standard case designs with limited designs, why not create your own?

Adding your personal flair to glasses cases is simple as epoxy resin may be easily tinted and adorned with myriad small items such as glitter, imagery, colored sand, small shells, bits of colored glass - almost anything you can imagine. And the cured hard-shell finish of epoxy resin helps further protect your glasses and the artwork created.

Once you’ve created your eye-catching eyeglasses case, don’t be surprised if others take notice, and ask how they can get their own. Fortunately, customized cases make great gifts for friends and family as almost everyone has glasses of some type. Sunglasses in particular are pretty common to most who spend any time outdoors – especially here in sunny Florida!

Happy Crafting!