Epoxy Resin DIY Tile Repair & Floor Surfacing

Jun 15th 2023

Epoxy Resin DIY Tile Repair & Floor Surfacing

DIY Epoxy Resin Tile Repair

Repairing Minor Ceramic Tile Chips Preferable to Replacement…

Moving from the northeast to the south, one of the things you notice in homes in warmer climes is the large amount of tile used for flooring as it is an easier surface to clean and maintain in outdoor living environments. There is a drawback however as over time items get dropped and small surface chips occasionally occur. And while large cracks or breaks in tile require replacement; small ones may be successfully (and aesthetically) repaired. I of course, chose to apply epoxy resin to these minor imperfections…

Our ceramic tile floors are off-white (okay, cream colored) in 12” x 12” squares separated by a seam of exposed grout; so, if one needs replacing, they can be cut out along the grout lines (and we do have some spare tiles). But for a few minor chips, I decided to try my hand at applying some of our epoxy resin tinted to match the tile. I mixed a small amount of resin and hardener with a splash of cream-colored wall paint I had on hand, and carefully dabbed over the chipped areas (which were porous to begin with – so the resin adhered well). And voila – it worked!

Of course, epoxy resin may be used to surface entire floors as we’ve featured in several posts such as ‘Epoxy Resin Flooring – a Strong Foundation,’ which explains,

“Resin-based flooring may be applied as a clear-coating, blended into a variety of colors or shades, or be mixed with decorative elements; and provides a self-smoothing finish for a sleek contemporary look. Often used in industrial and commercial environments (think that smooth floor look you may have seen in showrooms or department stores), epoxy resin has found popularity in residential use in recent years. The composite gives homeowners a seamless, easy-to-clean and durable surface (a flooring antidote to kids and pets) – and bonds well with subflooring.”

Some DIY Epoxy Pros explore other options like Penny Floors highlighting an unusual and captivating surface. We’ve featured two Success Stories by Ahndrea & Trent North and Derrick Lewis who turned their collections of coins into stunning flooring sealed with epoxy resin. For a better look at how this process works, visit our Videos Page to view a brief Penny Table Tutorial and access a step-by-step guide. More topical information may be accessed in ‘Epoxy Resin Flooring’ on our Guides Page.

ProMarine was recently featured in a piece ‘Home Improvement Roadmap for First-Time Home Buyers’ which expounded upon the many uses for epoxy resin around the home for household repairs, maintenance and restoration. Versatile epoxy resin – a must-have in the DIY toolbox!