Bling From B.C.E.: Resin Pendants

Jun 15th 2023

Bling From B.C.E.: Resin Pendants

Clear foliage resin pendants by @amaartcreations on Instagram.

Bling From B.C.E.: Resin Pendants

Jewelry has been around since the beginning of time. Since humankind has walked the earth, we have made necklaces from what we could access in the natural world around us. Nowadays, while we still have access to stones, bones, and feathers, intriguing modern products like epoxy resin offers exciting new options. Resin can be used to create pendants that shine like gems, allowing for boundless creativity.

Although we have an article that delves into the topic of resin jewelry as a whole—of which there are infinite possibilities on their own— we wanted to focus specifically on the making of DIY resin pendants. Many crafters play explore what is possible to create within the parameters of such a small piece of art. When you think about it, pendants aren’t much larger than an inch, and yet there’s so much room for creativity!

Casting Resin Pendants from Pendant Blanks

A common way to craft custom pendants is to purchase pendant blanks, which are available online in a variety of metals. For instance, some of these blanks have intricate details on them that mimic vintage jewelry. These types of projects can be as simple as properly measuring and mixing your resin, pouring the resin into the blank, and letting it cure. However, you should keep a few things in mind:

Make sure the surface you’re working on won’t stick to resin. Silicone is a well-known material used in things like resin pendant molds and mats, making clean-up and de-molding easier. Silicone mats are especially handy to keep in your resin workspace. They serve as a cheap reusable surface for you to work on without worrying about your cured resin sticking, and they’re easy to clean.

Of course, there’s also the option of making a pendant in a specific shape by casting resin into a mold. Molds can either be created by using products like  The Amazing Mold Maker from our friends at Alumilite or purchased online. Molds are great for helping you craft pendants that are made solely of resin without the surrounding metal of a pendant blank.

Combining Materials

Of course, there are always options for if you want to mix it up. A frequent, but no less beautiful, application involves the merging of wood and resin to create unique wood resin pendant shapes. You can even mix colorants like our Pro Mica Powder in with resin to create necklace pendants in any color you wish. Add gold and silver flakes or glitter to give it that extra sparkle!

Some artists combine the technique of using mixed mediums with their desire for unique shapes to create resin pendants, for instance, in the shape of an acorn. They take the acorn hat, or cupule, from an acorn and then cast the lower part in resin. Others encase flowers in the resin to take that natural aesthetic even further.

Embedding in Resin Pendants

If you’re embedding something organic–like flowers or leaves–take a look at our guide about encasing flowers in resin for some helpful tips. If you try to embed something that has inherent moisture without doing the proper preparation, you may run into some issues with air bubbles and curing.

Some people create vivid scenes within their pendants. They utilize live plants, creating terrariums and dioramas that you can wear around your neck.

Resin Pendant Ideas

We’re fortunate to have a creative community of resin crafters who share their magnificent works of art with us. Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration in looking at their pieces–we certainly do!

Clear resin flower pendant by @techarooz_pigments on Instagram.

@techarooz_pigments encases the beauty of nature in this pendant!

Deep blue sparkling resin pendant jewelry by @jenlashuart on Instagram.

@jenlashuart is preserves timeless memories in these lovely pendants.

Clear flower resin pendant by @amaartcreations on Instagram.

@amaartcreations’ crystal-clear pendant allows us the chance to see the embedded flower in fantastic detail.

Last, but not least,  @amaartcreations shows us another beautiful example of resin pendant art on this blog post through our thumbnail image.

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Resin pendants are a fun, customizable alternative to more expensive store-bought jewelry. They make wonderful gifts during the holiday seasons or offer a wearable way to convey your aesthetic to the world.

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