Epoxy Pro Newsletter – Winter 2019

Jun 15th 2023

Epoxy Pro Newsletter – Winter 2019

Epoxy Resin News

Happy Epoxy Resin Holidays!

In this Issue:

  • Epoxy Resin Holidays – Savings & Ideas
  • 521 Marine Resin is Back
  • ProMarine Videos Upcoming Production!

The holidays are back! But no worries Epoxy Pros – Artisans, Crafters and Do-It-Yourselfers like you are on top of things – we’re sure. And when it comes to holiday gift giving, epoxy resin makes the perfect material to create keepsakes, mementos and objets for everyone on your list. For a memory-filled holiday evening – hold an epoxy resin crafting or pouring party – where your family and friends get inspired – and take home their own unique, handmade creations!

Read on for more ProMarine Epoxy Resin Deals & News…

Epoxy Resin Holidays – Savings & Ideas

As autumn rolls into winter, our Fall Festival Campaign of ongoing promotions rolls into our Epoxy Resin Holidays of Savings – all for you Epoxy Pros! So that you can keep creating – we’ll keep up with our weekly incentives designed to save you money – and keep you crafting. It’s our way of saying Thank You to all our loyal customers – and Happy Holidays!

One of the online sites we’ve recently discovered is diyjoy.com. Their post ’34 DIY Resin Casting Crafts’ highlights many innovative epoxy resin ideas, “Turns out, you can easily learn how to make resin jewelry, coat fabric with resin and pour resin tabletops for some of the most creative coffee tables I’ve ever seen. Also, a nice DIY craft idea when it comes to making homemade Christmas gifts, resin crafts are unique and not something other people are likely to be giving. So, for the person who has everything, they still probably don’t have these.”

ProMarine’s promotions throughout the Holiday Season include:

  • Pro Points Deals - Double Points Days (maybe even some Triple Point Days too!)
  • Holiday Savings - Sales Codes for Savings
  • Seasonal Story Giveaway – win epoxy resin with your Seasonal Story – coming soon!

So, keep your eyes peeled for our email & social media promotions!

521 Marine Resin is Back!

Our new production facility is up-and-running, and ProMarine’s 521 Marine Grade Epoxy Resin is available once again. 521 Marine Resin features interchangeability with 521 Fast or Slow Hardeners – for a wide variety of marine applications; as well as versatility in a variety of weather conditions. In warmer conditions, a slow hardener may be employed, giving a longer ‘working time’ to handle and shape the material. Conversely, a fast hardener resin may be applied in colder temperatures when a repair needs to be cured quickly.

Versatile epoxy resin is a valuable tool in the marine industry as it can be used for a variety of applications; for everything from small repairs, to molding brand new hulls and decks. Unlike its predecessor, polyester resin, epoxy resin provides a much better material for today’s lighter weight, thinner and more flexible hulls.

Pro Marine’s 521 Marine Epoxy Resin cures to a moisture-resistant solid perfect for laminating, bonding, coating and reinforcing for use in myriad marine applications. Easy to measure, apply, sand and paint – the polymer is available in quart and gallon kits complete with resin, hardener and pumps – and features:

  • Superior Bonding – with fiberglass, wood, etched aluminum, fabrics, bare steel & lead
  • Self-leveling Properties – ideal for coating & laminating
  • Preferred Viscosity – for ‘wetting out’ fiberglass and other fabrics
  • Compatibility – with fast (12 min) or slow (30 min) hardeners

ProMarine Videos Upcoming Production

As part of our ongoing efforts to bring you all the Epoxy Resin News You Can Use; we will be producing a series of creative and constructive how-to videos for online distribution. Highlighting a variety of topics from Art Resin to DIY Projects – we want to help you explore the ways that epoxy resin may be used for both artistic and practical endeavors!

We’ll start rolling these out with announcements after the holiday season in the New Year – stay tuned…

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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