Epoxy Pro Guide - Top Ten Favorite Projects

Jun 15th 2023

Epoxy Pro Guide - Top Ten Favorite Projects

Epoxy Resin Clock

Epoxy Resin Clock

Hello Epoxy Pros!

For this Guide, we thought we’d highlight some interesting projects that have caught our attention recently and stoked our creative spirits. Some are practical, some decorative, and some are both; but they all have some similar ingredients – namely craftsmanship, inspiration and epoxy resin! We hope you’ll be intrigued and possibly try your hand at one or more of these projects…

  • “Marble” Clock
  • Creative Cups
  • River Tables
  • Clarinet Clarity
  • Artful Auto Upgrades
  • Shipshape Military Models
  • Fluid & Resin Pours
  • Penny Tables & Floors
  • Longboards & Surf Boards
  • Art Resin for the Kitchen

Epoxy Resin “Marble” Clock

We were really pleased with the results of this timepiece (pictured above) posted in Epoxy Resin Time. “The clock pictured above is an epoxy resin project that was created by our own video artists for a production to be posted online soon on our Videos Page. It’s very simple to make with a base coat of white resin with black resin highlights applied to give it a marbled look. The slight smearing effect of the black lines is created by spinning the piece before the resin cures.”

Creative Epoxy Resin Cups

Epoxy Resin Tumbler

Epoxy resin tumblers are a crafty, creative and personalized item that you can take anywhere showing off your own sense of style. In fact, one of our Epoxy Pro Customers, Mychelle Ambeau-Derosin, got started in her own business when others saw her custom tumblers at “soccer mom” sporting events and asked her to make some for them as well (see image above). Visit our Videos Page to see how to make your own and access complete instructions!

Epoxy Resin River Tables

Epoxy Resin River Desk

River Desk from 1728 Designs

One of the most popular projects using epoxy resin is for designing and constructing furnishings such as river tables. These colorful accent pieces liven up any room, adding a captivating and unique design element – for both living and workspaces. Several of our Epoxy Pro Customers that craft river tables and other furnishings are featured in our Success Stories including 1728 Designs, Fine Grain Wood Works by Vlad Kost, Artistic Illusions and Key West Bonsai.

Clarinet Clarity using Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Instrument Repair

One of the most interesting uses of epoxy resin that we explored recently was to repair and restore vintage wooden musical instruments – namely clarinets. By adding the right mix of wood shavings, dust and tint to epoxy resin, Epoxy Pro Dan Ciarcia refurbishes the barrels and bells of these vintage and antique pieces restoring their original tonality. “I’m proud to be part of this legacy – keeping the time-honored traditions of this great instrument alive!”

Artful Auto Upgrades with Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Auto Artistry

Driving the open road has long been a symbol of the American Dream and part of who we are as explorers. We love our cars and the freedom they represent. Many people love to customize their vehicles as a statement of individuality and personal expression. For instance, epoxy resin artist James Guelfi creates custom car emblems for 2018-2020 Honda Accords (image above) under the moniker blue_envy_custumz; and Peter Springer used epoxy resin to add a “bespoke but elegant little “duckbill” spoiler on the back of the Mazda Miata he’s restoring.

Shipshape Military Models

Epoxy Resin Modeling

The Missouri riding the “waves”

Peter (Pedro) Martinez is the Director of Admissions for Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. In his off time, Peter enjoys making detailed models of military warfare vehicles – including both land and seagoing vessels. His latest endeavor - a large-scale model of the USS Missouri - is five feet long and over a foot wide. Peter decided that the vessel needed to be “at sea;” so he built a framework for the diorama and used ten gallons of epoxy resin for his “ocean going” ship. We found this to be an incredibly creative application of epoxy resin – well done Peter!

Fluid & Resin Pours

Epoxy Resin Art Pour

One of the therapeutic outlets we often see (since we’re in the epoxy business), is Fluid Art Resin used as an artistic and mindful way to decompress and creatively express one’s self. Quality free time creatively explored - allows for freedom of thought and imagination – providing a great way to unwind and refresh one’s spirit. Our Guide, “Art Resin as Therapy,” explores the benefits of this creative endeavor, as well as offering several real-world examples from some of our Epoxy Pros. You may also visit our Videos Page for clips and step-by-step instructions on Fluid & “Dirty” Pours and other epoxy resin therapies…

Penny Tables & Floors

Epoxy Resin Penny Floor

Penny Foyer by Derrick Lewis

Capturing expressions of memories and sentiment make for great epoxy resin projects; for instance, these two stories about Penny Floors. Derrick Lewis decided to update his foyer floor using 20,000 pennies collected by his grandfather in his wife’s memory. And, when Ahndrea and Trent North decided to renovate their home; they created a floor with her husband’s penny collection.

Penny tables and bar tops also make for attractive conversation pieces as experienced by Tom Andrews of Key West Bonsai who started his epoxy resin business when a local restauranteur asked him to create a custom “penny” bar top for his establishment. Check out our Epoxy Penny Table Tutorial to learn how to make your own creation.

Longboards & Surf Boards

Epoxy Resin Surf Boards

Growing up in California, there was no shortage of “boards” on both land and sea. Surfing and skateboarding are ways of life in warmer coastal climes, and epoxy resin crafters know it! Amy Alderman of Aloha by Aldy creates artwork inspired by the ocean and beach – including surfboards as pictured above. While Nathan Sterns of Cedar Woodworking handcrafts one-of-a-kind wood and resin longboards for a discerning outdoor clientele.

Art Resin for the Kitchen

Art Resin for the Kitchen

Probably the one room in the home where you’ll find the greatest collection and largest variety of epoxy resin crafted pieces is the kitchen. As featured in our Guide ‘Art Resin for the Kitchen,’ “from decorative and functional kitchen accessories such as serving trays, cutting boards and bowls; to beautifully resurfacing counter and table tops and floors - epoxy resin has a wide variety of uses in the kitchen.”

You can further explore the depths of kitchen crafts in ‘Epoxy Resin in the Kitchen,’ as well as try your hand at creating your own cutting board, Lazy Susan, bottle-cap tray and keepsake photo board (among other ideas) on our Videos Page.

We sincerely wish that you enjoyed our journey through what we hope you find to be an innovative and imaginative selection of epoxy-resin projects. We found these gifted artisans and crafters to be inspirational and dedicated to their craft. And who knows? Maybe you’ll become the next Epoxy Pro we highlight!

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