Epoxy Pro Guide - Epoxy Resin Expressions

Jun 15th 2023

Epoxy Pro Guide - Epoxy Resin Expressions

Epoxy Resin Home DIY

Reflections in Resin are Everywhere…

I don’t spend a lot of time talking about work outside of interactions with my colleagues. We’ve all been there; party to detailed conversations either between co-workers that we have no idea about – or listening incessantly to someone go over their day in minute detail – however…

What I have discovered, is that when I tell people about what others are doing with our epoxy resin, they often share a pending project or idea that they’d like to accomplish. Their enthusiasm, interest and creativity are readily and happily expressed – and a “work” conversation becomes quite something else as we delve into leisure time activities of artisanal hobbies and “feel-good” DIY accomplishments…

In fact, if you look around Epoxy Expressions and Resin Reflections are everywhere…

Epoxy Resin Home Expressions

Making a House a Home

Personal touches are what make a house a home. Epoxy resin artisans and crafters frequently share their unique projects that reflect their tastes and creative processes – highlighting their approaches to decorating and accessorizing both their homes and workspaces, and often those of others as well. From wall-hangings or other objets de art, to hand-crafted furnishings that compliment living or workspaces – epoxy resin pros are ingenious in their efforts to construct unique, cozy and personal living and office spaces.

Artisanal Furnishings

Hand-crafted furnishings and accessories built with epoxy resin provide myriad options in terms of both items that may be created - and artistic license. You may for example, take a page from Epoxy Pro Devin Reed’s book and build an epoxy resin finished desk and matching credenza for your wife’s home-office work nook:

Epoxy Resin Desk

Hand-crafted Epoxy Resin Desk by Devin Reed

One of the most popular epoxy resin furnishings has got to be the river table. And each crafter puts their own unique spin on this piece by selecting different wood types, grains and textures as well as creating their own individual epoxy resin “river” often with a variety of colors and highlights.

Two fine examples of river table design and construction are furnishings from 1728 Designs and Key West Bonsai. Both firms feature epoxy resin entrepreneurs who create custom pieces for their clientele. These artisanal businesses grew out of passionate hobbies – combining exotic woods and epoxy resin to create true works of art for discerning homes and offices.

Epoxy Resin River Desk

River Desk from 1728 Designs

Epoxy Resin River Table

River Table from Key West Bonsai

Decorative Art that Pops

A couple of our recently featured Epoxy Pros turned their knacks for decorative art accessories into thriving businesses. Leila Parnian began her journey into decorative design through her family’s furniture business – where she now creates custom art pieces to compliment clients’ furnishings and décor. And Lenore Diamond Robins Geometric 3D Artwork business grew out of her desire to decorate her newly purchased home that featured “high white walls that were crying out for artwork.”

Epoxy Resin Fluid Art

Epoxy Resin Wall Art by Leila

Epoxy Resin Art

Power of One Aqua by Lenore Diamond Robins

Signs of the Times

Another easy and distinctive way to set your home or office apart is by creating your own epoxy resin signage. Be it a well-placed word of “Welcome,” to eye-catching imagery or a captivating combination of the two for your business; resin signs provide a canvas for personalized expression.

Epoxy Resin Sign

Epoxy Resin Sign

Self-Satisfaction from DIY Resin Repairs

An old story goes, a young boy watched his harried parents each weekend trying to keep up with their ongoing tasks - tracked by handwritten to-do lists. At the end of each Sunday, his father’s list would be completely crossed off, while his mother’s list was never finished. The boy asked his father how this was so. His father answered, “Well son, I write down each task and immediately cross it off after completion – while your mother makes her entire list in advance…”

One of the things that makes us feel good is a sense of accomplishment. Knocking things off our to-do lists gives us good feelings and the results are something of which we can be proud. And while our task lists may at times seem never-ending; it helps to insert a measure of creativity whenever possible into the projects…

For instance, rather than just repair or maintain something that needs attention around your home or office, why not strive to make it better through an inspired approach? Case in point, another of our Epoxy Pros, rather than just repair the rotted wood on his gazebo with epoxy resin, also decided to freshen the space with a bit of decorative post detail and a new coat of paint. Now, he has a place to entertain friends and family - or just enjoy peace and solitude - in his own newly refurbished outdoor living space.

Epoxy Resin DIY Repairs

Basking in an inspired and imaginative environment in one’s home or office - featuring bespoke artwork, furnishings and even accomplished DIY projects – gives us senses of self-expression, satisfaction and purpose. Innovative designs in our surroundings that are both aesthetic and functional - while at the same time compliment and captivate the space – give us and others pause for positive reflection.

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