DIY Cake Stands For Any Occasion

Jun 15th 2023

DIY Cake Stands For Any Occasion

Finished resin DIY cake stand with cupcakes.

With a range of holidays on the horizon, you may be looking for a way to take your confectionary displays to the next level. Once again, we can turn to epoxy resin when we’re aiming for something creative and inspiring in our lives. Today, let’s talk about cake.

Or, more precisely, cake display stands. If decorating the tops of your desserts with sprinkles and multicolored icing isn’t quite enough, consider a DIY cake stand display.

Rest assured that our epoxy resins are FDA compliant when properly mixed and cured. Simply allow it a full week to cure after pouring before any food comes in contact with it. As a result, applications like cutting boards and dessert stands are possible for custom creation inspiration.

If you'd prefer to follow with a video for the process of creating your own DIY cake display stand, you'll find a handy one linked below:

Making a DIY Cake Stand

To start out, here’s a list of everything you’ll need!

What You’ll Need:

  • ProMarine Supplies ProArt Epoxy Resin
  • Resin cake stand mold kit
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Mixing and measuring cups
  • Stir sticks
  • Bubble-popping method of choice (for more information about popping resin bubbles, visit this page)
  • Plastic sheets
  • When preparing your workspace, it can be helpful to spread out sheets of plastic across the surface for easier clean-up later on. That way, once the resin fully cures, you can toss it and the plastic sheets in the trash.

    On the subject of epoxy, we recommend using our ProArt product for this application. It’s a two-part epoxy resin formula that is perfect for artistic and crafty applications like this! Always make sure to read over the product’s instructions before use and wear proper safety gear, such as safety glasses and gloves.

    First, you need to combine equal parts A to parts B in equal proportion. For assistance in measuring the right amount of epoxy to use for your project, use our  Epoxy Calculator tool.

    ProMarine Supplies’ ProArt Epoxy Resin is measured in a simple 1:1 by volume ratio. Carefully pour out both parts and combine for about five minutes. You will want to mix slowly, as well, to avoid introducing bubbles into the mixture. It’s good practice to use a folding motion, like you would when mixing the batter for a cake.

    ProMarine Supplies ProArt Epoxy Resin being mixed for a DIY cake stand tutorial.

    If you want to dye the cake stand a specific color, add your colorant now. We recommend one of the many colors available in our  ProMica powder pigments!

    Simply divide your epoxy into separate cups and dye them accordingly. Keep in mind that a little bit of color goes a long way, so start with a small amount before adding more. For tips on coloring your epoxy, visit  this page.

    Separating ProMarine Supplies ProArt epoxy resin into different cup for dying.

    Now, mix the color in properly, and repeat for all the colors you want to use.

    Colorant being mixed into ProMarine Supplies ProArt epoxy resin for a DIY cake stand tutorial.

    Next, it’s time to grab your molds and pour. Blend colors, dye each layer a different color, or add in a pinch of gold or silver foil! This part is ultra-customizable, so have fun with it! In this specific guide, we used three different colors and then later added gold foil.

    Three DIY cake stand molds of different size filled with different colors of epoxy resin.

    If you want to blend the layers between colors, you can use a popsicle stick to gently push them together, as shown below. You can also create a marbling effect by moving the colored resin around with toothpicks.

    A popsicle stick being used to blend together different sections of dyed epoxy resin.

    If you decide to add gold foil, you can use a toothpick to help you precisely place them where you want before the resin cures.

    Pieces of gold foil interspersed in epoxy resin for a DIY cake stand tutorial.

    If you’re concerned about bubbles, use a blow torch, heat gun, or hair dryer to eliminate them. Hold the heat source 4 to 5 inches away from the surface of the resin and move it around to pop the bubbles. When using a blowtorch, be careful not to torch the mold or the resin by holding it in one place for too long. Likewise, if using a hairdryer, do not blow any of the resin out of the mold.

    Once you have finished customizing the trays, allow them to sit somewhere clean to cure. Let them cure for the appropriate time stated in their instructions, in an environment free from dust and debris.

    Resin in three different sized DIY cake stand molds.

    Then, it’s time to de-mold! Gently pull the mold from the resin until your pieces are free. 

    Resin DIY cake stand trays being demolded.

    You can also use a sharp utensil to clear away any resin that might block the holes in the center of the trays.

    Using a tool to remove excess resin from the DIY cake stands.

    Assemble your tray according to the instructions that came with the mold kit and your piece will be complete! As mentioned before, remember to let this piece cure for 7 days to ensure FDA compliance. For more information about our resin and its FDA compliance, check out this post.

    Once this is all done, you can display your pastries with pride! Create your own DIY cake stand or tiered cupcake stand for any occasion. Birthdays, weddings, and festive holidays will shine brighter with the presence of your masterpiece.

    The final resin DIY cake stand completed and assembled.

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    Happy crafting to all!

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