Crafting & DIY – for Mind, Body & Soul

Jun 15th 2023

Crafting & DIY – for Mind, Body & Soul

Epoxy Resin DIY Ideas

Just as technology keeps us all connected; working with tools like epoxy resin helps keep us grounded.

Every once in a while, it’s good to turn digital technology off and work with your hands on a project rather than a keyboard. As crafters and home do-it-yourselfers know – there’s nothing like the sense of satisfaction from creating something yourself from scratch. And in our overly connected digital world; it’s also a great way to escape and clear your mind for a time.

Too much screen time isn’t good for your brain or your body – both of which require other stimuli and motion to function properly. Hobbies, sports and other pastimes offer healthy alternatives to staring at screens. According to Dr. Victoria L. Dunckley, M.D. in a Psychology Today article, ’10 Ways to Protect the Brain from Daily Screen Time,’ healthy antidotes include:

  • Increasing exposure to greenery, nature, and sunlight
  • Incorporating more movement, exercise and free play
  • Engaging in creative play and activities

The benefits of crafting and DIY creations are many and good for mind, body and spirit. Do-it-yourselfers also realize financial and skill set gains by not hiring others to perform services; while crafters may realize savings by making gifts for others, or make money by selling their created wares.

Benefits of DIY Epoxy Resin Crafting

On the blog site Chatter Block, 'The Benefits of DIY Projects' are encouraged, "At first, you may have the sense of being out of your comfort zone, but the joy of successfully completing a project on your own can be quite a boost to your confidence. Examples of DIY projects may include any type of home improvement such as painting, remodeling, tile and mosaic art, furniture building, or fabric arts."

The creativity and planning that go into a craft or DIY project help boost your brains cognitive functions, while the learning process of the new skills acquired as the project progresses, also helps stimulate brain function and increases knowledge. “Crafting is both a leisure activity that people enjoy and one that is mentally stimulating. Experts believe many different parts of the brain are engaged during these activities - among other functions, they work your attention span, memory function and information processing centers,” from ‘The Surprising Benefits of Crafting’ by Twin Cities Hospital.

One of the many tools that crafters and do-it-yourselfers use in their creations is epoxy resin. This versatile polymer has a variety of applications in crafting jewelry and other artistic creations as well as being used for DIY projects such as furniture creation and household repairs. For our part, we’re happy to not only provide a useful tool – but also (hopefully) a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and peace of mind as artisans and DIYs explore their creative spirits.