Being “Crafty” with Epoxy Resin

Jun 15th 2023

Being “Crafty” with Epoxy Resin

Artisans Guide to Epoxy Resin Crafts

Epoxy Resin Jewelry

Pro Marine's versatile epoxy resin may be used in so many ways, from home repair and building projects to a wide variety of craft projects. And while DIY home repair and refurbishing projects make for their own great sense of accomplishment and craftsmanship; so too does being “crafty” with epoxy resin to create accents for your table and wall décor – and even fun custom accents like resin jewelry and personalized gifts for others.

Better Homes & Gardens blog “Resin Craft” highlights how creative resin crafters turn common household items into “remarkable home accents using simple hardware, hobby, and household items as molds.” Fun, inventive and useful items created include- decorative and functional buttons for clothing, elegant and eye-catching napkin rings, resin pushpins to accent bulletin board reminders and mementos, and decorative cabinet and door knobs and picture frames for unique household décor.

These creations are easy to make and require minimal investment in materials. All that’s needed to get started, aside from the buttons, napkins rings, pushpins, etc., is some Pro Marine epoxy resin, molds from a hobby store, craft paint to color the epoxy (if desired), a drop cloth and hand and eye protection. Also be sure to work in a well-ventilated area when working with epoxy resin. A few other tools that will come in handy include tweezers, wood-stir sticks, and a hand or electric drill and bits (to create holes in resin jewelry for a necklace for example).

DIY Epoxy Resin Crafting

Some resin crafters turn their hobby into an online business and DIY blog. The Resin Crafts Blog, for instance, features resin project advice, tips, and FAQs for those looking to explore ideas – like this one about resin paperweights. And on, artisan Kathy Cano-Murillo features crafts and articles including a piece titled “15 Easy Resin Projects” – which include accenting coasters, barstools and a variety of jewelry ideas.

For another easy resin jewelry making process, the DIY Network offers step-by-step instructions, a comprehensive tools list, as well as myriad jewelry, home accent and décor ideas such as “revamping” chairs, lamps, and other home furnishings to give them new life and a fresh look.

Vibrant home, office and personal accents created with epoxy resin add a personal touch to one’s surroundings and a “feel good” environment. Turning common households items into unique and “crafty” custom touches, not only showcases one’s creative side, but also repurposes these items as personalized artwork; and may give others ideas of their own. A nice “pay it forward” benefit of being “crafty with resin”!