Another Epoxy Resin Patio Project – the Right Tool for the Job

Jun 15th 2023

Another Epoxy Resin Patio Project – the Right Tool for the Job

Epoxy Resin Furniture Repair

Helping a Friend Repair his Outdoor Furniture using Epoxy Resin

I’m continually amazed at the many uses and applications that exist where epoxy resin seems to perfectly fit the bill – making it an indispensable tool to have in one’s arsenal. Case in point…

I recently acquired some ProMarine Epoxy Resin to help a friend restore two metal table and chair sets that grace his front courtyard. The supporting metal struts had rusted and deteriorated, so we were wondering if we could put epoxy resin to the test to repair these patio furnishings…

Since my friend’s motto is “waste not, want not,” repair rather than replacement was definitely the order of the day for him. And, since the metal framework of the tables and chairs was almost completely rotted away in parts (particularly at some of the welded seams) we had to resolve what to use as reinforcement inside the tubular furniture frames. The answer – hardwood dowels (that he already had of course) - sealed in epoxy resin naturally!

Protect Epoxy Resin with Metallic Spray Paint

Once the coated dowels had completely cured, we placed them in the parts of the patio furniture framework that had rotted and required stability – using screws or bolts as needed to hold them in place. Then we mixed more epoxy resin to fully bond the dowels in place, fill in the gaps, seal out moisture and provide a new smooth surface finish. After curing, we sanded the surfaces smooth to prepare for a coat of metallic primer, followed by a final coat of metallic spray paint – both of which were latex based.

The results, I’m happy to say, are both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. The epoxy resin repairs are tightly sealed, very strong – and took the finish coats beautifully! I was a little leery of using wood to reinforce the tubular steel furniture frames, thinking that metal rods would work better; but the wood made for a snug fit, was more pliable to work with, and in the words of my friend, “already paid for!” (As I mentioned, he’s frugal.)

So, mission accomplished! Another triumph working with epoxy resin, among other tools and parts, for DIY home repairs and maintenance. And for those of you in snowier climes, prepping your yard furniture indoors in the winter means when the warmth of spring returns – you’re ready to enjoy! Stay tuned for further adventures…