Animal Magnetism – Epoxy Resin Sculptures

Jun 15th 2023

Animal Magnetism – Epoxy Resin Sculptures

Epoxy Resin Sculptures

Wood & Resin Sculpture by Yurii Myketka from My Modern Met

Animals play an important part in our lives – both the warm-blooded, loving and cuddly kind; as well as representations that sit on shelves, walls, desks and tables as artwork and statuary. I know in my own home we’ve collected a variety of aquatic and zoological sculptures that we display as tokens of our travels and reminders of great adventures…

Some of the most eye-catching animal sculptures we’ve encountered are made from a combination of wood and epoxy resin. The contrasting materials make for captivating display pieces that compliment décor. The integration process begins with a wood carving of an animal, bird or other object - then layers of colorful epoxy resin are added. The resin is colored with whatever dye, tint or pigment the artist desires to achieve their vision.

Ukrainian wood carver and sculptor Yurii Myketka combines wood and resin to create beautiful sculptures of animals. A couple of recently published online articles have highlighted his work, which is also available on Etsy. His handcrafted works include those of whales (lots of whales), foxes and birds – all creatively integrating carved wood tones with glossy colored epoxy resin.

“In my opinion, whales are the most majestic creatures on earth,” he explained in an interview on My Modern Met. “To see a real whale could be a big life experience. Even a picture of it can make you think and dream bigger. I knew that even before I started selling my works, so there was no other option except trying to share their beauty with other people.”

Of course, for those of us without the knack for detailed wood carving, there are still many DIY ways to enjoy the combination of warm wood tones accented with glossy hued epoxy resin. For instance, working with driftwood and enhancing its natural contours with colorful resin highlights makes for captivating display artwork. And creative wood furnishings may be designed and constructed featuring resin “rivers” and other aesthetic accents.

“The process of making my sculptures is changing with every new experience,” Myketka says. “There is of course a standard routine of woodcarving, but when you combine a nice piece of wood with colorful epoxy resin you have to use a lot of skills and imagination not to ruin a natural beauty of wood.”