7 Lucky Rainbow Resin Crafts for Find-A-Rainbow Day

Jun 15th 2023

7 Lucky Rainbow Resin Crafts for Find-A-Rainbow Day

A banner displaying 7 rainbow resin crafts for Find a Rainbow day.

It may be science, but the beauty of witnessing a rainbow in real life seems nothing short of magical. Rainbows, as we know them, are an optical phenomenon associated with the reflection of sunlight through moisture in the air. These reflections conjure up the kaleidoscopic layers of color that we’ve come to recognize.

Although we’ve already past April 3 rd, Find-A-Rainbow Day is certainly in our mind as we take a look at all the projects made by the resin crafting community. In particular, we’ve spotted 7 rainbow resin crafts that we’d love to shine a spotlight on for the occasion all the while providing you with unique facts about this stunning act of nature.

Rainbow Resin Crafts

Rainbow Resin Catch-All Dish

Rainbow resin craft catch-all dish by @calypso_conch on Instagram.

One of the reasons @calypso_conch’s catch-all dishes caught our eye is because we love seeing a good ocean and rainbow resin art pair up. Not only are they an adorable heart shape, but they look like the perfect size for storing a variety of jewelry and trinkets of your choice.

Rainbow FuFact:

Did you know that you can never truly get to the end of a rainbow? It may sound like a disheartening fact when we’re often encouraged to hunt down an end in the quest for our pot of gold, but we think it makes the occasion all the more exceptional.

Rainbow Resin Light Switch Cover

Rainbow resin light switch cover by @lockwoode4 on Instagram.

We absolutely love the depth and texture of the colors that @lockwoode4 achieved with their resin light switch cover. Certain additives can be combined with liquid dyes to create a variety of mesmerizing fluid-like effects like lacing—and that can contribute to the type of art that we see here.

Rainbow FuFact:

Rainbows will always appear opposite the sun and technically have no set physical location. The top arc of a rainbow is also always centered on the head of the viewer.

Rainbow Resin Dragons

Rainbow resin dragons made by @nells.canvas from Instagram.

These vibrant dragons by @nells.canvas have gorgeous rainbow resin gradients applied throughout that give these creatures their otherworldly appearance.

When it comes to getting precise color, there are a few different ways you can approach a project. First, you can apply your mica powder directly to those sections on your mold. However, that strategy can sometimes leave you with noticeable brush marks depending on what you use.

Another option that you might employ to get color in specific areas, like the beautiful scales on these snoozing dragons, is mixing up different shades of resin and carefully pouring them in those spots. Colors that you pour at the same time could blend together to create a natural-looking gradient.

Rainbow FuFact:

Have you ever seen a double rainbow? Recently, we learned that they’re actually far more common than you might think, although we don’t have the exact numbers for you.

Rainbow Resin Artwork

Rainbow resin artwork by @earth2loreart on Instagram.

@earth2loreart has managed to capture every color of the rainbow in this stunning geode wall art piece. It’s the layers of resin and pieces of stones and crystals that help give geode art it’s particular shine. We can’t help but think this art piece will immediately brighten up whatever space it hangs in!

Rainbow FuFact:

Did you know that if you have an aerial view of a rainbow, you’ll be able to see it as a complete circle instead of a semi-circle?

Rainbow Resin Cutting Board

Rainbow resin ocean art cutting board by @mariarisenart on Instagram.

One of the main steps in making ocean resin art involves the alternating use of clear and white resin. In addition, the use of a heat gun plays a huge role in creating the organic flowing lines of waves gathering on a shoreline.

The playful array of colors on this particular resin cutting board make it all the more distinct, too! Like the shoreline of a beach made from dreams.

Rainbow FuFact:

The sky below a rainbow will actually appear brighter than the sky above it; this is due to how the light is refracted inside of the arch.

Rainbow Resin Flower Coasters

Rainbow resin flower coasters by @eveline_art_studio on Instagram.

These cute rainbow resin flower coasters by @eveline_art_studio are the perfect reminder of the spring season with their pastel shades and lively 3-D flower designs. The gathering of gold foil in their center also just makes them all the more dazzling.

Rainbow FuFact:

Due to the fact that how you view a rainbow depends on your perspective, no two people will see a rainbow in the same way!

Rainbow Resin Trinket Tray

Rainbow resin trinket tray by @kellire on Instagram.

We love that @kellire brought a little magic to home décor with the creation of this rainbow resin trinket tray. And the use of the vintage-style knob handles is a particularly unique touch!

If you’re looking to find out more information about resin trays like this one or get some insight into how to make a tray of your own, visit our blog!

Rainbow FuFact:

Apparently, the word rainbow is from the Old English word renboga. Renboga is derived from the words rein (or regn) meaning ‘rain’ and boga, which means ‘anything that is arched or bent’.

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