5 Halloween Silicone Molds to Start Your Spooky Season

Jun 15th 2023

5 Halloween Silicone Molds to Start Your Spooky Season

Halloween resin projects by various artists on Instagram.

Something wicked this way comes…our vote for fantastically festive silicone Halloween molds to start your seasonal resin projects list! Today we’re discussing five silicone molds that you can find online and that will serve to add some flair to your home with the coming of pumpkin spice season!

Under each section, we’ll discuss some details about the mold, the crafty possibilities, and what you need to get started if you decide these are your next projects. As all of these molds are made from silicone, they work perfectly with resin DIY projects and should be easy to demold and clean once your castings are made.

Let’s jump right into our list!

1. Pumpkin + 2. Pumpkin House and Witch Hat

Resin pumpkin projects made by @jens.paint.and.pour on Instagram.

These first two molds feature everyone’s favorite decorative gourd. If you’re curious about some of the history surrounding the role Jack O’ Lanterns and pumpkins play during the holiday season, hop on over to this article discussing Halloween symbolism. Otherwise, let’s talk about the specifics of these molds.

These small silicone molds feature vivid detail and abundant casting potential! Just like @jens.paint.and.pour has demonstrated above, you can get wicked colorful with your designs or stick to a tried-and-true color combination. Scatter these playful pumpkins around your home as October approaches for a quick transformation. The witch hat is even removable, meaning you can have this cute pumpkin house store a variety of things—or use it as a candle holder.

The pumpkin with the witch hat is roughly 5” tall combined and the individual pumpkin is around 2”. Since these molds are shallow, they’ll pair well with our Table Top Epoxy Resin. Incorporate colors through the use of mica powder or additives like glitter to make each piece stand out!

To get started with these molds, here’s what you’ll need:

Halloween silicone molds of pumpkins from Amazon. ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin from Amazon.

3. Moon Phase Incense Holder

Moon phase resin incense holder by @jens.paint.and.pour on Instagram.

This next mold is great for those of you who enjoy lighting incense in their home, whether for health or spirituality, or any number of reasons. The moon phase design doesn’t specifically read Halloween; however, the moon’s relationship with the night sky does mean it occasionally invokes a spooky ambiance.

This mold can be purchased on Etsy as a pack of three, with varying designs. All three designs have a divot where you can place your incense once the project has cured. Combine resin with colorants or inclusions like chunky glitter or metallic flakes to achieve the ultimate look.

@jens.paint.and.pour has tried several kinds of additives and color pairings to bring their creations to life.

To make your own incense holder, you’ll need the following:

Moon phase incense holder silicone mold by 412Laser on Etsy. ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin bottles.

4. Pumpkin Coaster

Pumpkin coaster by @jens.paint.and.pour on Instagram.

What Halloween celebration would be complete without some on-theme tableware? This next mold will help you make a patch worth of pumpkin coasters fit for a seat at every autumn get-together on the horizon.

This 5” x 6” coaster mold comes in clear or blue silicone. The distinct ridges that separate the pumpkins into slices give you the chance to customize your casting down to each individual section. The flat surface of this mold makes it great for dusting mica powder in before pouring resin for a unique finish.

Much like @jens.paint.and.pour, you can choose to encapsulate flowers for overarching autumn vibes or alternate between solid colors of your choice! If you choose to encapsulate flowers, don’t forget to check out our guide on using flowers in resin.

To create your own custom pumpkin coasters this fall season, here’s what you’ll need:

Silicone pumpkin mold from FullofShine on Etsy. Bottles pf ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin.

5. Skull Planter

Resin skull planters by @islaluna_co on Instagram.

If you’re looking to bring eerie vibes into your home decor while catering to your love of plants, this next mold is for you. This custom skull mold features gorgeous, intricate details like that of filigree, a space in the center to hold a variety of objects such as small plants or candles, and is easy to work with despite its detail. It’s roughly 3” x 4” x 2” in size.

Above, @islaluna_co demonstrates the level of customizability you can achieve by displaying these skull planters in numerous different colors. Use mica powder for a shiny metallic finish or alcohol inks for something a little more transparent.

To cast your own handmade skull decor, here’s what you’ll need:

Silicone skull mold from mysuppliershop on Etsy.Two bottles of Table Top Epoxy Resin from ProMarine Supplies.

What’s your favorite resin Halloween decor project? Are there specific kinds of silicone Halloween molds that you gravitate to when the season comes around? How do you tackle decorating your home for fall? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and serve as an inspiration to others.

You can also share your resin Halloween or autumn decor projects with us on any of our social media websites.

Happy crafting!