3 Tips for Handling & Storing Epoxy for Maximum Safety & Shelf Life…

Jun 15th 2023

3 Tips for Handling & Storing Epoxy for Maximum Safety & Shelf Life…

Epoxy Resin Storage, Recycling & Disposal

Epoxy Resin Best Practices

Building and construction materials, whether they are for renovation, manufacturing or art & design purposes; should be properly handled and stored for safety, shelf life and cost efficiency. Might as well get the healthiest return on your investment after all! The proper handling and storage of epoxy resin, for instance, will help lead to both safety and savings in all your projects regarding this material.

Handling – Hand in Glove & the Eyes Have it - for Safety

When handling epoxy resin, protective gear should be used. For smaller projects such as art and furniture applications, minimally safety glasses (or goggles) and gloves should be worn. In larger implementations including marine and construction use (in coatings, adhesives & flooring for instance), where sanding or spraying may be part of the process; additional protection including aprons or safety coveralls and breathing masks (more below) may be employed. Remember – safety first!

Ventilation – There’s Something in the Air

Adequate ventilation is instrumental when properly using and storing two-stage epoxy resin – especially when spraying the material as a coating for instance, or sanding in enclosed areas. And as mentioned above, breathing protection should be used in these instances as well. Plus, if products containing solvents are used, the mask should have an appropriate filter too.

Temperature – All Things in Moderation

Storing epoxy for later use during a multi-stage project or for use at some point in the future; requires the proper environment to ensure the material will continue to be viable. Manufacturers’ guidelines should be followed for the safe handling and storage of epoxy resin. The components should be stored in sealed containers in a dry place, between 65 and 90 degrees F. Refrigeration will not prolong the life of epoxy, nor should the material be stored near a heat source.