3 Reasons Why You Don't Need To Buy Expensive Epoxy

Jun 15th 2023

3 Reasons Why You Don't Need To Buy Expensive Epoxy

ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resin

3 Reasons Why You Don't Need To Buy Expensive Epoxy:

Most people want to buy the best of the best Epoxy for their projects, especially if the cost reflects the quality of the product. We have great news! You DO NOT need to break the bank when buying epoxy resin from us. Here is why...

1. Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy Is Up To Code!

Customers want to know that their epoxy is regulated, and are willing to pay big bucks for ones that are. Pro Marine's family of Epoxy Resins contains no VOCs, no fumes, is classified as non-hazardous, non-flammable, experiences zero shrinkage and is FDA Compliant and safe for home use!

2. Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy Has UV Protection!

Who doesn't want their project looking great for years? No problem here! Pro Marine Epoxy contains a UV Protection additive which postpones yellowing for long-term use. A clear, durable, plastic coating specially designed to resist yellowing? Count me in!

3. Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy is Versatile!

Our high-performance epoxy has multi-use capabilities. Art, Woodwork, (Table Tops, Bars, Wood finishes) see-through encapsulations, you name it! Additionally, Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy can be used over virtually any surface!

Our company has worked hard to produce the highest quality epoxy at the lowest cost. (It is especially affordable for customers buying in bulk - Contact Us for details.)

The reason for this is simple: we use only the highest quality raw materials and absolutely no cheap fillers, non-reactive diluents or solvents because we recognize the downside to these, that there is a high cost to consumer health and the longevity of the resin if fillers are used. We want our customers' product to last. Although we do not recommend keeping your work permanently outdoors, we know that if it's going to be done, longevity is the key. And of course, we want our epoxy to be used for all sorts of projects.